“Fearless Girl Statue by Kristen Visbal New York City Wall Street” by Anthony Quintano is licensed under CC BY 2.0 
Learn more about this art and how it relates to copyright (and copyright literacy) here.

My Work

Crown copyright

The Crown copyright regime in Canada creates an unnecessary barrier to the work of cultural memory stewards and the public at large. This section shares information about work related to changing this outdated legal provision.


A long but limited list, with a focus on conference presentations that served communities outside the University of Alberta.


Information about articles and books I have written, co-authored, or co-edited. Mostly about professional practice and related to government information and copyright librarianship.

About Me

I’ve worked in libraries for most of my life, mainly in academic libraries and with government information. I’ve also had some experience working in public, government, and special libraries and learned about other areas of the profession by accepting secondments in data librarianship, digital repository services, and open journals management.

The problematic nature of government information stewardship inspired a transition to copyright librarianship in 2015. I am currently the (first) copyright librarian at the University of Alberta and continue to advocate for reform of the Crown copyright system in Canada.

The public service focus of my position is on copyright literacy, which includes leading conversations about the rights of both creators and users of works protected by copyright legislation.

My research interests include an exploration of the impacts of copyright anxiety and chill, especially as it relates to the abandonment or hampering of creative work due to a fear of copyright overreach (perceived or otherwise). An MLIS (1999) and MES (2009) help inform that work.

I also serve on the content team of the Opening Up Copyright OER.